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Christmas Came Early.

From calculating tips with electronic devices to a pathetic inability to easily count beyond fingers and toes, we're no expert at mathematics. But, when it comes to combining something we love with something we crazy-adore, it's one of those magical combinations like vanilla frosting and pretzel sticks that just works perfectly, seamlessly, and in that edible case, so insanely tastily.

Jumbling into that heap of glory is the fact that our near, dear friends Santah have paid a long awaited stop to our other favorite session site Daytrotter, and we're throwing a streamer-filled, oversized balloon parade in our minds for how excited the two of us are.

We've adored these kiddos from Canopy Club to Pianos, from down-the-street buds to long-distance friends and, fittingly, from neighbors to cousins, and couldn't give a bigger stamp of approval for you to download these tunes lickety-split if we had a first grade teacher's drawer of gold stars and blue ribbons to seal it properly.

Or, if their timeless doodle wasn't a drawing based on a lil' portrait of our own.

Go, look, listen, stop reading, and run.


snooze: monday, january eleventh

a day, today:

Let's Wrestle, a band whose name doubles as a pretty good pick-up line, signed to Merge Records, who will release their debut album In the Court of the Wrestling Let’s this March. In the announcement, they call their song "We are the Men You'll Grow To Love Soon" the "Let’s Wrestle’s Barmitzvah from whence they turned from punk pre-teens into men who rock.”

Grow to love you? Please, honey. I fell in love once you began describing your music in puns about Jewish coming-of-age rituals. And tell you what - if you come for a couch session, I guarantee there'll be hamentashen waiting on the coffee table.

Transference streaming! on NPR! holy fuck!

Daytrotter's (seven song!) session of the day features Daniel Johnston and HYMNS, who we'll be recording a couch session with later this week. Check it.

Diplo released this Free Gucci (Best of the Cold War Mixtapes) thing for free download. I have no idea if it's good or not. (I'm listening to Spoon.)

Oh, and Vampire Weekend offered their album for $3.99 on Amazon and Dirty Projectors gave away some some songs but everyone was probably going to download them both illegally anyway, which is depressing. The tunes, however, are anything but.