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Utensil Potential

Man oh man oh man oh man oh man oh man oh man.

I'd say I'm excited to hear what other MHOW 3rd Anniversary guests might be announced, but if these dudes are playing, there's really no one else I need to see. 

Buy tickets now, before you have to Craigslist them for over fifty buckaroonies.

Sold out. Wah wahhhh. If you want to rent a horse suit and pretend to be one person (well, one horse-person) with me, I can try and sneak you in. Shotty frontsies, though. You're totally being the tush. 


Dilly-Dallying: Flying Circles Around Other Blogs

We're beginning to be rolling out a few new recurring features on the site, such as Dilly-Dallying, a snapshot of the random smattering of shit we find on Twitter, sent to us by pals and, uh, while browsing the web at work. Sorry, employers. With blogs this good, we can't help it.

With an editorial voice that's snarky like Jane without being as over-the-top as Gawker and content as timely as the Times but on topics ranging from the newest pair of under-$100 wedges, best sandwich above 14th Street and the other night's episode of Lost (you know, the things we actually give a shit about), has extensively covered everything but music...until now. With Pantha Du Prince remixes, MP3 mini-mixtapes and Tumblr-esque clickable music news links popping up on their entertainment blog Vulture, they've slowly started turning themselves into a must-read music blog, especially with insanely original content like this:


A brilliant ten-step breakdown with Britt and Jim on how Spoon make their nightly set-lists, including where they put the slow jams, how they schedule in time for Britt to tune his guitar, and what they're usually waiting on during the encore. Be sure to add this site to your music blog bookmarks - we know we will be.

// - Vulture






My Radio City tickets for Spoon came in an envelope inside a bubble mailer. You know, because four pieces of thick paper are really, really fragile.



Nobody gets what I'm saying/Must be some way to convey it/But no one else remembers my name/Just the parts that I played/Nobody gets me but you/No one gets what I'm doing/Everyone else seems to look through it

Spoon, "Nobody Gets Me But You". I'm embarrased to say that I didn't really notice this song until I heard it live. The keys, the bass line, the's pretty much stunning.


A Review For Your Eyes: Spoon at Mercury Lounge

Walkin' and talkin' and chattin' about Spoon.