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Big Ugly Yellow Couch is an acoustic video session series run out of the Brooklyn apartment of writer Carlye Wisel and photographer/videographer Donald Rasmussen. Stemming from the idea that phenomenal music can be stripped down to its core and remain just as impressive, the duo invites bands they love to come over and play some tunes, eat their favorite food, have a couple of drinks and doodle on a wall-sized chalkboard. All in all, it’s like recess for adults, but without a swingset. (Well...for now, at least.)

Back before it was packed with talented tushies, the namesake furniture was offered to the couple as they prepared to move from their hometown of Chicago across the country to New York. Unable to purchase a fancy, shiny new one, Carlye and Donald lugged the seven-foot-long, decades-old granny couch to their East Coast apartment, hoping that one day they’d find it to be useful.

Yet, after barely even making it into their former apartment in the first place, the cushy yellow couch miraculously survived a severe apartment building fire, and will be the fixture of their new home and the new location for Big Ugly Yellow Couch, an expansive, window-walled loft in the middle of Bushwick. The videos may look different, the lighting might be brighter, and the recordings could be infused with clanging from nearby factories, but no matter what, the couch will always remain the same.

So sit back, watch some videos, download some tunes, and most importantly — welcome home.

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