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SESSION #42 - Yellow Ostrich

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There are lots of things we don't understand: Air conditioners. GIF blogs. The type of person who follows a tornado for fun. But, whether you get your kicks from babies making wide-eyed faces on repeat or nature's own theme parks, we've got our hands on something we all collectively won't be able to wrap our brain candy around: Tan Vampires' new video.

 Now, I've seen some tricks in my day — well, more like just a lot of David Blaine documentaries — but I have no idea how this shit happened. Or how it worked. Or why no one went, "wait, this is kind of a pain in the ass, no?" before blowing the rest of the video budget on value menu treats at Wendy's. But, thankfully for all of us, these artists are more dedicated to projects and less obsessed with Frostys than I am.

The (ed. note: brilliant) director discussed how big of an (ed. note: near-psychotic) endeavor this truly was, but you can't truly get a grip on how hard and deep-into-the-cranium-cavern this is without giving it a look. So, look. 9 movies, 9 cameras, one video. Makes all of those other one-shot videos look a whole hell of a lot less special. 




Couch Session: Young The Giant

Couch Session #14 - Young The Giant

They sing that life's too short, and it's true, you know,
never knowing when it ends, unsure of when you'll go.
But one thing I'm sure of is that I'm completely irked,
that this many people crammed together, and i couldn't watch it work.
My apartment — filled with boys! — while I was about to board a plane,
six playing here in Brooklyn, as I headed back from Spain.
It's the first session I've missed, the first shot wholly alone,
Me: stuffing my face with tapas, Donald: running the home.
I mean, come on, they're holding my stuffed creatures with smiles —
It's like a postcard from my dream world, worth using up my frequent flier miles.
There's one shaking a jar of Nerds who isn't even in the band!
Just a friend having some fun with candies in his hand.
The more I listen, I realize how much I missed,
but when it all sounds so good, its hard to stay pissed.
With a band practically exploding on our yolk-colored couch,
There are only videos to show me what it was all about.
I guess today, I'm just like all of you,
Here to watch, with no other updating to do.
It's weird to view it from the audience's eye,
to not see what went into it, and to never ask why.
So I'll keep watching, like a stumbled upon song,
since accidentally coming across something you love is never wrong.
At least when I say I can't get enough, you'll know I'm being true,
So here's Young The Giant — as new for me as it is for you.



I Got by Young The Giant (live on Big Ugly Yellow Couch) by BigUglyYellowCouch


Couch Session: Hooray For Earth

Couch Session #13 - Hooray For Earth

Hooray for earth, for you, for me,
Hooray for this session being all we hoped it to be.
I’ll keep this one short, but oh so sweet,
As I’m sick and full of Benadryl, and am totally beat.
We tried something new with these guys that we know,
Microphones, cords, like a whole real live show.
Its different and fun, and we think that you’ll dig
Hooray For Earth’s session, cuz this one is big:




Hooray For Earth - "Surrounded By Your Friends (Big Ugly Yellow Couch Session)"

Hooray For Earth - "FORM (Big Ugly Yellow Couch Session)"

Hooray For Earth - "Rolling/Nectarine (Big Ugly Yellow Couch Session)"


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Couch Session: Acrylics [Big Ugly Premiere]

Couch Session #12 — Acrylics

Exclusive First Listen of "It's Cool Here" and "Counting Sheep"

Straight from a swanky Easter party they attended all day,
Acrylics came over to our place to play.
For them it was a celebration, but ol' lousy Passover for this one,
As I was full of matzo and other snacks not as fun.
Jason enlightened us with a short list of jokes,
about hassids and hipsters and all kinds of folks.
And with toy bunnies jumping around on the floor,
and voices worn from a long shoot the day before,
we recorded until we had what we needed,
then to a plate of ultra-rich brownies they proceeded.
While over, the duo shared two new songs with us,
stunning and perfectly lacking of fuss.
"Counting Sheep" is raw while also romantic,
dream-like, calm, and nowhere near frantic.
And "It's Cool Here" — which is fitting, you know,
since they're hanging out in our home, performing for our little show.
It is pretty neat, to have a band that you love
help celebrate a new holiday you know nothing of.
'Cuz if holidays are for family and things you hold near,
And are all about fun and full of good cheer,
Then my first Easter memories will be of this impression,
my home movies interpreted through this couch session.
So enjoy this new song and my newfound tradition,
as we present Acrylics, for your submission:


Big Ugly Yellow Couch Premiere:


Acrylics —"All Of The Fire (Big Ugly Yellow Couch Session)"

Acrylics —"It's Cool Here (Big Ugly Yellow Couch Session)"

Acrylics —"Counting Sheep (Big Ugly Yellow Couch Session)"


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Couch Session: The Fieros

Couch Session #11 — The Fieros

The boys had a long night, followed by a bright early morning,
having to face our camera without too much warning.
But they picked up their instruments, sat down and recorded,
something not even a crazy evening could have thwarted.
If it was my birthday the night before, I would have refused to play,
Citing exhaustion or stomach flu or something just as cliche.
But for these guys, it was just another night playing songs,
besides a hangover, maybe hunger, nothing was wrong.
They maintain their raspy-voiced rock even while wholly stripped down,
when there's not an electric guitar or drum kit to be found.
Impressive, especially since it's pastel furniture upon which they've sat,
and they played a maraca muffled by a ladies' hat.
There's something special about them that doesn't necessitate much,
just the music, nothing fancy, no need for a crutch.
Forget a stage, huge speakers or spotlights aglow —
just guitars and a shaker is where they put on the real show.
Nonchalant in their demeanor, but inherently great,
here's a look at The Fieros, a band we're sure you won't hate.



The Fieros — "Get Back (Big Ugly Yellow Couch Session)"

The Fieros — "Take Me Now (Big Ugly Yellow Couch Session)"

The Fieros — "Songbird (Big Ugly Yellow Couch Session)"


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