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Sleigh Bells Is The Product Of My Mother's Dreams.


While reading through the February issue of Nylon on a train ride to the middle of nowhere for a Superbowl Party (7 layer dip can motivate me to do just about anything),  I read a story about Sleigh Bells with this fine tidbit:

"In July 2008, [Alexis Krauss] was dining with her a Williamsburg restaurant, when their waiter, [Derek] Miller, mentioned he was looking for a female singer. Mom played indie-rock yenta, and soon the pair was talking shop."

Wha...? As a jewish twenty-something with a ton of meddling female relatives, this happens at EVERY meal, whether I'm around — "Carlye, isn't that waiter sweet? He likes writing! He works for a school newspaper, you should write together!" — or nowhere to be found — "I met the most adorable boy last night while waiting in line for a movie, you would have loved him. He likes music, and television and, oh! He was just like a young Cary Grant".

Everyone who selects a chosen person for this chosen person does a pretty crapola job, considering baby-faced teenage waiter isn't really my type, and, you know, I live in a yellow couch-holding apartment with that kid Donald.

That being said, it is incomprehensible that not only did a mother's mealtime meddling work, but caused deserved popularity and a tour with Yeasayer instead of necessity to ashamedly apologize and leave a 25% tip. Maybe the next time Grandma Leila thinks I should spend some time with the guy swirling my frozen yogurt, I'll heed her advice.


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list: things i didn't like this year.

(or, the music-y things that irritate me in recent memory)

If I wanted to listen to The Postal Service, I'd listen to The Postal Service.

New Years '09/'10 in New York.

Passion Pit is sold out, I don't do enough drugs to enjoy three hours of MSTRKRFT and frankly, if I couldn't motivate myself to see Surfer Blood at BK Bowl after a long day at work, I don't want to spend the whole night waiting for them to come onstage.

I mean, Milwaukee gets cheese curds, Culvers and Britt Daniel, Athens gets of Montreal DJ sets/Washed Out and Chicago's got everyone from The Hood Internet, Crystal Castles and The Drums to Margot & The Nukes and Wild Sweet Orange toasting champagne together at midnight. With how well Brooklyn-based bands have been doing this year, where are our amazing shows to choose from?

It's On With Alexa Chung being canceled.

She was the only host on television with her own legitimate sense of style, and despite being so goddamn awkward in interviews, tucked some very legit bands in the show's lineup between the Ashley Tisdale's and Justin Bieber's of the world, giving middle-school crowds the chance and option to dig into real music like MTV used to do.

But, most importantly, how am I supposed to feel guilty for those mid-afternoon junk food binges if her mind-bogglingly long legs aren't constantly there to remind me that fries go straight to the thighs?


That i can't listen to this album yet.

if they actually kill her off, i will lose my shit.

The sad state of the publishing industry.

From an e-mail earlier this year:

"Sign up for a full year of NYLON's Digital Edition for only $9.95 or NYLON Guys for $5.97. Each new issue will be delivered to your email. To become a subscriber now, click here and start enjoying the current issue today!"

Really? You're going to e-mail me a gifuckgantic PDF of your issue for me to "virtually flip through" and then charge me when i can just go on your website and read all of the same Peaches Geldof-sponsored life tips and blurbs about "innovative new designers" that are always constructing dresses out of PVC pipe and burlap sacks? Uh, no thanks.

These cats breaking up.

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