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Couch Session: Phantogram



Couch Session #3 — Phantogram

We had spent the day inside keeping warm,
while Phantogram actually braved last week's storm.
Straight from a magazine photo shoot they came,
shoes fresh with snow from exiting the L train.
Sarah and Josh stopped by during that whole Snowpocalypse,
(crap, there's no word that rhymes with apocalypse...)
We'd listened to Eyelid Movies on repeat for weeks,
intense and exciting, with its intricate beats.
But hearing these songs on the couch was surprisingly raw —
vulnerable, near-silent, and left us in awe.
In the days since, our home has filled with these sounds,
toggling between the two versions still does astound.
Makes sense, that a phantogram is an optical illusion of kinds,
since stripped down or dressed up, the band's essence still shines.
Put on those headphones, and give yourself a few —
there's no way these songs won't strike a chord with you.



 Phantogram - "As Far As I Can See (Big Ugly Yellow Couch Session)"

 Phantogram - "When I'm Small (Big Ugly Yellow Couch Session)"


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