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Sails Away, Sails Away, Sails Away.

If it pours when it rains, we're in a veritable waterfall of spectacular new shit coming from our couchy favorites. We'll dive into this at another time that isn't 9:12 on a coffeeless heatwave morning, but going off of Hooray For Earth's brand new video for the haunting, entrancing "Sails" which just premiered on NPR, we are in for some serious Grade A goodness around these parts.

Coming from a band who created the best music video of all time ever, this one's just as much of a completely mysterious must-watch-'til-the-end mindfuck, but in a whole new way. We knew we adored these fellas, but they're giving us serious reason to have "How Deep Is Your Love" stuck in our heads every time we think of them.

Which, now that I think about it, may not be such a good thing.

UPDATE: Eyugh, looks like NPR are being a bag of dicks about their embed policy. Click the photo, watch the video, etc. etc. amen.

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