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a note on music supervision.

Now, I'm not going to rag on Passion Pit for soundtracking a phone, Matt & Kim lending tunes to Bacardi or even The Dodos hyping the girliest beer of all, Miller Chill, though I enjoy the irony of the song being called "Fools".

Apple always has good music on their iPhone ads so Palm Pixie shouldn't have to slum it musically, and if I like listening to bands like these when I'm drunk, then hey, why not forge the connection between the two without me having to put in any work?

But, sometimes, I'm not so cool with it. While browsing through men's "raw denim shirts" with Donald at J. Crew's post-baby-jesus'-birthday-mall-sale that cost, i kid you not, $120, we realized that the oh-so-familiar tunes playing overheard weren't by Bing Crosby, a Miss Mariah original or a jazzy jazz version of Auld Lang Syne - no, they were playing Animal Collective's "My Girls", a song about minimalism and basic necessities. And when a place that views "basic necessities" as sweaters with cable knit and ruffled dresses, I've got a problem with it.

It weirds be the fuck out, but in the end, I'm fine with bad places playing good music, even if it doesn't exactly fit - i.e., my grungy grocery store plays Bat For Lashes, Forever 21 hands-down has the best in-store music of all clothing chains (trust me on this one). But, when the location undermines and hypocritizes the music, I'm not a fan.

Up yours, J. Crew.

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