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Live at Bowery Ballroom: Givers


There's one thing that you can't miss when watching Givers live: Taylor Guarisco's face. If you've seen it, you know precisely what I'm talking about; if you haven't, either proceed without knowing or do a small bit of unearthing to find out exactly what we mean.

We're not poking fun or being sly, honest. It's just that these Lousiana pals have an effervesence onstage that when compared to the head bobs and drones and dirty hair forhead swiping of six-foot-somethings yielding guitars and sporting slim white Levis, is forever refreshing. 

 We saw these cool cats a short while back, and in case you can't tell from Tif's flopping in the air like a hair octopus or the rest of the band's open-mouthed enthusiasm, they're a hoot in person. If you ever get the opportunity to see them, take it. Once you see Taylor, you'll know exactly why.




SXSW Session: Givers

Words can barely express this quintet's dynamic,
their excitement and curious energy is manic.
The only band at Fader Fort to soundcheck a flute,
they're pretty adorable, no need for dispute.
Bathtubs, leaves, and goofballs galore,
a wrought iron elk and alligator for us to adore.
we recorded two songs on a bright sunny day,
as strangers who walked by slowed down to stay.
I know two things: one, that this session we can't wait to share,
and two, i REALLY want to play with Tif's hair.
These five are genuine, so close its bizarre,
you'd think they're siblings, long-lost from afar.
If these songs were good enough to make neighbors peek over the fence,
then listening immediately should take less than common sense.
It's not any ol' band that will play in the bath,
so watch Givers do it in our last SXSW session, alas:



Givers - "Atlantic (Big Ugly Yellow Couch live at SXSW)"

Givers - "Saw You First (Big Ugly Yellow Couch live at SXSW)"