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SESSION #42 - Yellow Ostrich

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Northside Festival - Thursday & Friday

Now that Northside is over and N. 6th street will soon again be filled with people convening outside of Public Assembly, smoking outside of Music Hall and clashing with the nightclubbing Sea crowd, we've at least got the memories of what was the best excuse in a while to come out and see your favorite Brooklyn bands play one after another, filling a weekend with an onslaught of plastic badge-driven live music. And, if memories are few but far between from partying like it was a music festival without the sobering outdoor dehydration, we've got you covered with a brilliant video recap Donald made while I lay sickly asleep all morning, noon and night yesterday (word to the wise: never, ever eat a container of beets from Oasis) and photos shot all around town.

There's more to come, specifically with DOM, Twin Sister, Les Savy Fav, Cults, Male Bonding and more, so make sure to check back for the weekend half of our good Northside times.


(Click Here to watch in full HD)