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Cold Cave at MHOW, 12/15

Just got back from seeing these cats at Music Hall for Vice's somethingorother-sponsored-by-fancy-booze-holiday party, which actually got off to a weird start. The place was full of people who wanted other people to think they were more important than them, and it was v. bizarre - on the way in alone, i had to wait behind two people explaining to the door guy that they're "friends of the guy who designed a band's cover art" and "she's friends with so-and-so" when you could walk in freely, RSVP or not, as long as you had an ID that looked like someone of your nationality. But, besides the entire fucking LES emptying out onto N. 6th for the show, a free double-billed show with Small Black only ten minutes from home is work the tiny trek, an putting up with the poopy peeps.


Cold Cave's music is the exact soundtrack of what it would be like to travel into outerspace for a Topshop opening on the moon. I mean, these three play some serious moon tunes. super loud, vibe-y moooooon tuuuuuunes. I find it no coincidence that the entire street smelled like skunky weed once I left, considering exactly two shots of vodka would have put me in the perfect mood to bop back and forth through their loud set. I spent the first two hours of the bash mindlessly on Gmail at home like an idiot instead of at the open bar sucking down sour mix + 1800, so I was definitely unfit for Cold Cave survival.

If you like space jams, Space Jam, astronaut Mike Dexter or had a crush on any of the cast members of Armageddon, check these guys out.

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