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Couch Session: Boy & Bear

Couch Session #26: Boy & Bear

We sat down with these guys
on their first day in town,
right before they trekked through Brooklyn
and were shown all around.
Our new Australian friends
on their first day in the States,
spent their time serenading us
and having lunch at our place.
We welcomed them to the US
with a feast of American food,
Macaroni and cheese! Tater tots! Apple pie!
if it was from here, we would have fed them the moon.
Between dairy and dessert,
plates upon plates of goodies to enjoy,
we were full, rested and ready
to hear the songs by the bear and the boy.
There's something about this band
that left us transfixed from the start,
we even bargained for them to move in,
debating live performances & rent to not have them depart.
The songs are just so perfect,
those melodies absorbing us in tune,
you can probably hear the floorboards creaking
since all i could do was stand and swoon.
We're going to love this band 'til the end,
we can by far already tell,
and with how unbelievable these five guys are
we think you will as well.
I don't even want to push this one live
since that means it's now the end,
we won't be able to have them serenade us,
will have to wait so long to hear them again.
But, if we're thankful for the memories,
these are a golden few,
we hope you fall for these songs like we did,
as we give Boy & Bear to you.



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