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A Handful Of Peeks.

Our homeboys ARMS have been on the couch a record-setting three times, meaning that we're so infatuated by this point, they could finger paint a drawing of red splotches and blue squiggles and we'd post it on here claiming brilliance.

Thankfully, the new trailer for upcoming album Summer Skills is a lot more artistically sound than an elementary school creations by way of goopy handcraft. In this first of three snippets, a businessman tackles the most awkward physical activity on the planet — running with a backpack.

Try that shit. It ain't easy. And he does a pretty bang-up job.

It's just a snippet, but give this humdinger a lookie-loo, and get just as anxious over having to wait to hear its soundtracked song "Fleeced" 'til the next one's released. Keep your pupils peeled to Arms' blog for the goods. We will be doing the same.


Couch Session Deux: ARMS


Couch Session #32: ARMS

Oh hello there, boys.
It's sure been a while.
you've been out there creating,
being more versatile.
It's good to have you back,
plopped onto that big ol' couch
for the second time as a band,
the third including that holiday with a Grouch.
Our first band
that we've had over twice,
listening to your tunes
has practically turned into a vice.
With a few new songs,
and a new album en route,
there's some real god damn good music,
that will be afoot.
These boys have already gotten a poem,
they had their time,
back in our old home,
where we first gave them a rhyme.
So for now,
on their second wave of a couch debut,
we'll just pass these videos,
songs and all over to you.
SXSW is near,
and ARMS won't be far,
as we'll be tucking in to see them
in a dark Austin bar.
So until Texas,
until we're all in the heat,
we'll leave you with these videos,
because damn, they can't be beat:



ARMS - "Heat & Hot Water (Big Ugly Yellow Couch session)"

ARMS - "Face Gravity (Big Ugly Yellow Couch session)"

ARMS - "Glass Harmonica (Big Ugly Yellow Couch session)"


Couch Session: ARMS

Big Ugly Christmas: ARMS



Two ARMS, No Less.


It's like a live residency video bonanza up in here, but with songs like these, we're not complaining in the least. Sir Donald shot these at last week's show, and from the amount of times he claims to be listening to these videos, take a clicky click, stat.

We were lucky enough to actually have ARMS stop by over the weekend to record their second couch session with us (you should be as excited as a kid about to get a drop-in from the tooth fairy over this one, no jokes or hyuck hyucks about it), and we couldn't stress more how much you gotta bust a move to see them at their last two Pianos shows, tonight and next Wednesday. I'll be on a plane to the other half of the country and am crushed that I can't make it there to bebop along, so take it from someone who can't go and...go.

Luckily, I'll be able to console myself with an in-flight cheese plate.

Le sigh.

(Et le fromage.)


Aislyn, ARMS, & BRAHMS at Pianos, 5/17/2010




Time for a post by Donald.  It's my first one for Big Ugly Yellow Couch.  Out from behind the camera, laptop in hand, so here we go...

Something magical happened last night.  Three Big Ugly Yellow Couch alums all played at the same place, on the same night!  It's not often that we go to a show and see three awesome bands we both love but last night Aislyn, ARMS and BRAHMS played their hearts out for BRAHMS Piano's residency.

Aislyn first public performance was on our very own yellow couch and last night they introduced themselves to the world.  Ian and Sofi played through songs off their debut EP, switching keyboards and positions throughout the set.

ARMS contiues to prove they are a band not to be ignored.  After first seeing the boys open for Passion Pit at Terminal 5 back in January the band and the songs have gotten better, this band is a wonderfully tight unit.

BRAHMS closed out the night with their best performance yet.  Instruments no longer spread out over the matress of the couch but instead standing tall behind neon orange music stands looking not unlike a band from the future.

Be sure to head to Piano's next Tuesday for night two of the BRAHMS residency.

(Ed. Note - We'll be there. Yay Donald!)


Some Things In Life Are Free, Like Music: ARMS

Our ol' pals ARMS just released their EP, available for download here or here.

And if you can't get enough, make sure you listen to their Couch Session right now. Right now! No time! Go listen!