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SESSION #42 - Yellow Ostrich

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Couch Session: Fort Lean

 Fort Lean Big Ugly Yellow Couch

 Couch Session #39: Fort Lean

There are times when you meet someone who just gets it,
like you're on the same page; any difference, forget it.
Say, a lady in line, just as confused with a long wait,
or a friend at a deli, who also thinks matzo balls are great.
Fort Lean are just that, a gang of new pals that are swell,
who are fun and silly and fit in perfectly well.
We feel like there's some possibility, in a Rick Moranis-led world,
we could shrink them down, make 'em tiny, give it a whirl.
They could fit on our couch as a miniature mascot clan,
like The Roots on Fallon, but our literal house band.
But, whether they're small or big, mustachioed or not,
this is one band whose tunes we have not forgot.
"Beach Holiday" is fitting for both their song and their style,
as each tune feels like tropical breeze paired with a smile.
They even made a glitter home for a funky drum pad,
like a birdhouse for their craft, only totally rad.
We could talk all day about giggling or their music or more,
or even the glitter we happily left dotted across the floor,
but we'd rather have you hear their tunes stripped down this moment,
so kick back, turn it up, and let those boys of Fort Lean show it:


Fort Lean - "Beach Holiday (live on Big Ugly Yellow Couch)"

Fort Lean - "Perfect (live on Big Ugly Yellow Couch)"

Fort Lean - "Dreams (live on Big Ugly Yellow Couch)




A Bitta Bela.

Never mind that I showed up 40 minutes late and wound up being seated so close to Bela Fleck that he probably could have scolded me, I realized one thing while spacing the fuck out to drum machines and harmonicas and gut-string instruments: seeing a band like that makes me, in a way, almost never want to go back to Mercury Lounge again.

Now, before an indie mob starts drawing literal pitchforks and I'm thought to undermine this entire furniture endeavor, you gotta realize that we silently made it an intergral part of the site to not pay attention to boundary lines and not make booking decisions based on who gets placed in what genre. That's how we've been lucky enough to capture everything from an electronic duo to an Australian folk-rock band to a multi-talented violinist, all of which, in a way, now fit a different category in and of themselves. 

I'll save that discussion for another day, as this story's not about that. It's about costly, ticketed, sit-down theatre shows being an entirely different beast I completely forgot about, and didn't realize until last night that I miss altogether. 

At a show like this, there are no cell phones shrink-raying and dip-dying the entire experience into a clickable image with a two-sentence update. No one's at the back bar talking too loudly, nobody's e-mailing their co-worker about tomorrow's meeting, not a soul is updating Facebook during a song. At the least, there's a some rowdy grandfather cheering every Future Man solo; at most, there's a curious amount of audience-led eyefucking. (Ladies, if you get dumped, put on some makeup go to a banjo concert. Trust me.)

To be at a show where one band member is legit dressed like a pirate, another holds a record amount of GRAMMYs but you'd never recognize him on the street and people give more of a shit about their African instrument documentary than how their Twitter handle is spelled is refreshing. It's real. And, it makes me want to see more shows like this. 

After all, you know no one in that audience was holding up an iPad to snap a couple pics.


Live at Glasslands: ARMS

It's no secret that we've been a long time supporter of this band, and not just because they were one of the first to plop down on the couch way back in February of 2010. Since then — and good lord, has that been a long time — ARMS has grown to include 4 lovely appendages: Todd, Matty, Tlaecal and Dave.

The band has kind of become an unofficial mascot for us, minus the furry costumes and t-shirt guns and things. They are the only band to have not one, but two couch sessions, and even stopped by last winter to grace us with a cover of the Mariah Carey classic "All I Want For Christmas Is You." Or, as they put it, Todd's Great Grandmother's favorite Jewish holiday song.

And, since we clearly can't keep quiet about the band that represents the breadth of our site, we trekked out last Friday night as ARMS played to a packed house at Glasslands. The record release show was a joy to witness, to say the very least, as you'll see below in the videos for "Fleeced" and "Three Mile Island".

Don't miss the MP3 for a more lively take on the title track, and in terms of take homes, be sure to pick up the best little nugget to come out all holiday season: Summer Skills.




ARMS - "Fleeced (live at glasslands)"

ARMS - "Three Mile Island (live at glasslands)"

ARMS - "Summer Skills (live at glasslands)"




Couch Session: Port St. Willow

Couch Session #38: Port St. Willow 

I'm not one to say I don't like a big show,
fireworks, lights, that whole rodeo,
when it's big it's best, or at least most the time,
with quainter things being lost in decline.
But there's those few solemn moments, often heard on a whim,
that draw you in hopelessly, where you simply give in.
A voice like a dewy morning paired with reflections of the past,
he's the summation of what you'd hear looking out a window with rain falling fast.
We ate bagels and talked, on that dark summer night,
recording three songs under one dim light.
With praise from a much-love Antlers-ian pal,
whose alongside presence alone shows his morale,
having Port St. Willow over was quite a breeze,
akin to picturesque wind blowing through the trees.
Enough with the weather, we get it, we know,
We just think this one's beautiful, this intimate show.
So close your eyes, breathe deep, like a yoga class but without strain,
and take a listen to Port St. Willow and these stunning refrains:



Port St. Willow - "Holiday (live on Big Ugly Yellow Couch)"

Port St. Willow - "Stay Even (live on Big Ugly Yellow Couch)"

Port St. Willow - "Amawalk (live on Big Ugly Yellow Couch)"




Christmas Came Early.

From calculating tips with electronic devices to a pathetic inability to easily count beyond fingers and toes, we're no expert at mathematics. But, when it comes to combining something we love with something we crazy-adore, it's one of those magical combinations like vanilla frosting and pretzel sticks that just works perfectly, seamlessly, and in that edible case, so insanely tastily.

Jumbling into that heap of glory is the fact that our near, dear friends Santah have paid a long awaited stop to our other favorite session site Daytrotter, and we're throwing a streamer-filled, oversized balloon parade in our minds for how excited the two of us are.

We've adored these kiddos from Canopy Club to Pianos, from down-the-street buds to long-distance friends and, fittingly, from neighbors to cousins, and couldn't give a bigger stamp of approval for you to download these tunes lickety-split if we had a first grade teacher's drawer of gold stars and blue ribbons to seal it properly.

Or, if their timeless doodle wasn't a drawing based on a lil' portrait of our own.

Go, look, listen, stop reading, and run.

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