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Chomp, Bite, Spit, Enjoy.

When we recorded Santah's "Teeth" on our smushy furniture a jillion moons ago, the after effect was similar to being bathed in goosebumps. It was the first time they had captured it, and something about that moment and the song and especially that moment was inherently special. It was so special! Like, if the couch were to die, we're pretty sure that recording would flash before it's cushioned eyes before it met its maker in old furniture heaven. 

It's for that exact reason that we couldn't be more excited to debut the proper recording of that track from our dear friends right here on Big Ugly's web headquarters. Their EP will be out this Spring — their full length, White Noise Bed, is sold out on vinyl but is still available on CD —  and we'd be more than happy if every single song was just this on repeat. Just "Teeth," six times in a row. Maybe seven, if we want to get crazy with it.

The band have been touring like crazy and have a big-time show in Chicago this Thursday night, so if you're not lucky enough to be spending wintertime in the Midwest and wearing a sleeping bag as outerwear, be sure to keep a lookyloo out for their constant travels next year and beyond.

Also, fun fact: Did you know mammals are the only type of animals to have differentiated teeth? Neither did I. Just another perk of being on e-mail chains with these dudes. Even if it wiped away my dreams of one day having a tiger for a dentist.


Teeth by Santah