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Listen — I'm doing my best over here to make this morning go well after two vodka drinks last night did me in, since I apparently have the tolerance of a fourteen-year-old girl at a basement party. Zonked-out tired, chugging pulpy coconut water in the attempt that it'll make me feel "replenished" (it doesn't) and just wanting to scroll past some She & Him news item to click play on Stereogum's one-in-four-songs-is-good mp3 player, I head to the site and see this:

A college newspaper's entertainment website.

But then there's the "are you sure you're not bullshitting me?"-flavored icing on the cake — the GIF.

THE GIF! THE GIFFFFF. IT JUST KEEPS BOUNCING UP AND DOWN. I can barely focus for the entire time it takes to type "Ster—" into my browser before it auto-suggests the site, let alone leave this bouncy ball just sitting in the browser. It's like a fucking cat toy for distracted twenty-somethings who just want to know when Toro Y Moi is coming to town.

Guess I'll be spending more time on Pitchfork. Blurg.

UPDATE: Either every computer I own is cached to the max, or they nixed the flashy gif. Feel free to embrace your music news without going into a miniature seizure.

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