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SESSION #42 - Yellow Ostrich

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An E-vite.


 Look, ma! We're on the radio!

As you can tell, us couchfolk are just squealing with glee over our newest radio-based venuture with those good eggs over at eMusic. Thanks to their expansive library, we were able to scrobble together some of our favorite songs from a whole long list of artists who have plopped onto those worn-in yellow cushions, as well as those we've spent days listening to with our tushies tucked there ourselves.

(We may not technically be having a pop superstar listening to their hit single on Z100 type of a moment, this is as close as we're gonna get to it, so we're going wild with it while we can.)

Get as close to sneaking into our musical libraries as possible by tuning in to hear everything from Yellow Ostrich and Spoon to J. Irvin Dally and Buddy Guy, all on one fun nifty station. Acesss it with your eMusic account, or sign up for a free one and get 10 hours of free radio listening time.

It's so grand, you won't want to get in a car and turn the dial ever again. Just don't blame any budding agoraphobia on us, k?