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Couch Session: Ambassadors

Couch Session #34: Ambassadors

From the first second, all you can think is, "that voice!",
as Sam pours his heart out like he simply has no choice.
Even in the run-throughs, he'd sing like his life was on the line,
like he had nowhere left to go, running out of time,
It's that unbridled passion that makes this band so unique —
a word taught not to use, but there's relishable fun in defeat.
This one blows me away, and it's not hard to go,
How is everyone else not already flipping their lids over this band? How is that so?
I suppose thats the beauty of reveling in the unknown.
Luckily for this band, that won't last all too long,
with that downright stunning first videotaped song.
Not to undermine their others, as they shine bright as stars,
but "Unconsolable" is one of the best i've heard, by far.
If chills are what you're after, this song will deliver,
like standing outside pantsless in a cold, arctic winter.
But enough with the weather, we'll let you enjoy it for real,
and find out why our Ambassadors session is such a big deal:



Ambassadors - "Unconsolable (Big Ugly Yellow Couch session)"

Ambassadors - "Body Bag (Big Ugly Yellow Couch session)"

Ambassadors - "Falls (Big Ugly Yellow Couch session)"