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SESSION #42 - Yellow Ostrich

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This is straight up embarrassing.

I know it's not "hip" to like mainstream music and I'm supposed to look down on it from my Bedford pedestal but really, as much as I thought I hated this music, I LOVE IT. There's always a handful of poppers (mmm, jalapeno poppers) that seem like I'm "allowed" to like, and while this most definitely is not one, I just don't give a fuck. So, I'm stating my case on the five reasons why i like this crazy broad Ke$ha:

1. She's a fucking lunatic, and really, that's the best part about crazy performers. Out of all the bizarro bands whose stage show and persona involve either glitter, screaming or something nutty, no one exactly hits the looney bin like this girl. Girl Talk is kooky, but the crowds are way weirder than he himself is. M.I.A dresses sillier than most, but I can construct most of her outfits out of some spandex from my local American Apparel, felt, stick-on googly eyes and determination. And GaGa is weird to the max, but she approaches it in a couture way that it categorically seems to be more art-based than straight up psycho trash.

Ke$ha? PSYCHOTRASH. And I love every second of it.

2. She's real. There's no way she's wholly manufactured. Sure, she probably acts much ditzier in public to egg on her public image, but look:




There's no label that could think of let alone pull off this kind of image. She's a silly, too cheap to pay for used clothing from Salvation Army sort of kid, just like you and me.

3. The broad snuck into Prince's house. FUCKING SNUCK INTO PRINCE'S HOUSE:

She also found the time to meet her idol, Prince – by breaking into his house. "I'd been in LA about a year and it was three in the afternoon on a Tuesday. I remember it was a very random day." Ke$ha drove to Prince's house, only to be confronted by a security gate. "I decided to wedge my body under the gate but I didn't quite fit." She had to bribe a passing gardener $5 to pull her through. Then she walked up the driveway – "which was laced with purple velvet" – before discovering that his front door had been left unlocked. "What would you do?" she shrieks. "You would go in! It's like a personal invitation from fate."

Once inside, she took the elevator upstairs to discover Prince playing his guitar down the corridor. "I called my mum and said, 'What do I do?' She said, 'I guess give him your CD.'"

So she did. And then a security guard threw her out. "Prince was totally nice. He's short, yeah, but he's amazing." Has she ever heard back from him? Ke$ha grins. "Not yet," she says, and the emphasis is placed firmly on the second word.

Yeah. Just let that sink in for a minute.

4. She's a carbon copy of Courtney, my favorite character on Dorm Life:


5. I like her music, okay? There you have it. SO SUE ME. It's catchy, it's dumb, it's like Pixy Stix for my brain, but I can't stop listening or bopping around or rolling my eyes at her ridiculous videos. I mean for christ's sake, her album art has narwhals floating all around on it. She does her makeup like a 2010 lady version of Bowie. And if anything, she makes it okay for me to not wash my dirty curls for a week and wear ridiculous feather earrings and glitter eyeshadow whenever I want.

Say what you will, but I dig her. So there you have it.

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Bands I've Seen At Mercury Lounge

  • Hockey
  • Local Natives
  • Mumford and Sons
  • Lenka
  • Bear Hands
  • SPOON.
  • Yes, Spoon.
  • No, seriously, the band Spoon.
  • Tonight.
  • Yes, the one with that tall guy.
  • (His name is Britt.)
  • I cannot fucking wait.
  • Hi Jim.

What is going on in the world?

Jay Reatard? RIP.

Haiti? Fucked.

Michael C. Hall? Sick.

Heidi Montag? Plastic.

Proof that Jessica Simpson and Billy Corgan are an item? Deleted.

What could possibly be next?


snooze: monday, january eleventh

a day, today:

Let's Wrestle, a band whose name doubles as a pretty good pick-up line, signed to Merge Records, who will release their debut album In the Court of the Wrestling Let’s this March. In the announcement, they call their song "We are the Men You'll Grow To Love Soon" the "Let’s Wrestle’s Barmitzvah from whence they turned from punk pre-teens into men who rock.”

Grow to love you? Please, honey. I fell in love once you began describing your music in puns about Jewish coming-of-age rituals. And tell you what - if you come for a couch session, I guarantee there'll be hamentashen waiting on the coffee table.

Transference streaming! on NPR! holy fuck!

Daytrotter's (seven song!) session of the day features Daniel Johnston and HYMNS, who we'll be recording a couch session with later this week. Check it.

Diplo released this Free Gucci (Best of the Cold War Mixtapes) thing for free download. I have no idea if it's good or not. (I'm listening to Spoon.)

Oh, and Vampire Weekend offered their album for $3.99 on Amazon and Dirty Projectors gave away some some songs but everyone was probably going to download them both illegally anyway, which is depressing. The tunes, however, are anything but.


Back In The Day

Wait...people still know who run major labels?

For the most part, the only big-time record executives I can think of are the ones from all those VH1 specials re-runs about Tommy Mottola and Mariah Carey when they were married that always had that picture of them from their wedding with her huuuuge hair and immediately follows with the voiceover saying "they divorced soon therafter" and a clip of her singing "Honey" on the beach.

Unless it's about the guys who run Frenchkiss or a fun tidbit about the inner workings of Merge, I'm not even going to waste my guessing power. That's obviously what Cash Cab re-runs are for.

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