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Live at Knitting Factory: Santah

If the bands we've had over for Couch Sessions could all be considered our lovers, Santah would far and away be our first crush. They've stayed with us, they've played with us, and most importantly, I visited my first KenTacoHut with one of their members.

(Fast food trifectas conquer all, obviously.)

So, when Donald sent me the footage he shot at their Knitting Factory show a few weeks back yours truly was sick for, like, fucking weeks and had to skip out I was completely blown away. For guys we've shouted with, snuggled with and danced like robots with, this video really captures them in such a professional lens. (It's a fancy camera lens and all, but..well, you know what I'm getting at.)

Give this one a lookyloo, and fall into their former session while you're swooning as well.

Santah - "Bat Suite (live at Knitting Factory)"
Santah - "Springfield (live at Knitting Factory)"
Santah - "North Coast (live at Knitting Factory)"

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