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Couch Session: Milagres


Couch Session #37: Milagres

We toss a lot of words around, describing bands that come our way,
from fantastic to spooky to swooning, we'll say.
But with these guys, only one word comes to mind:
Special, in all ways, all of the time.
Something big is in store for these boys, and you can feel it swell,
Like one of those bands your entire group of friends loves as well.
"Glowing Mouth" in particular is a song you'll want to slow dance to all summer,
the hot weather lingering, sticky sweat not a bummer.
With a pinch of Jim James-ian magic, the high pitched vocals soar,
urging you to listen twice in a row, probably more.
I missed this session, because my back went out,
(i have the body of a ninety year old woman, no doubt.)
I'm still a bit blue, having missed their intimate set,
sad to have not partaken, but to them, it was no sweat.
The boys are sweethearts — and personally, I'd know,
since I talked to them on speaker phone, from a different borough.
The songs' inherent moodiness makes you want to swim in their sound,
take a dive head first, to feel it rooted in the ground.
These tunes aren't going away, we'll be the first to have it said,
so take a gander at Milagres, and await their sound to be widespread:


Milagres - "Glowing Mouth (Big Ugly Yellow Couch session)"

Milagres - "Here To Stay (Big Ugly Yellow Couch session)"

Milagres - "Lost In The Dark (Big Ugly Yellow Couch session)"




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