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SXSW Session: Loyal Divide


SXSW Session: Loyal Divide

On a crazy day of shooting,
while partying down south,
we scurried back from West Austin
to get Loyal Divide on our makeshift couch.
Shooting at the top of a hotel,
in the place I laid my head,
we expected them to struggle to get in
but we wound up surprised instead.
Those sneaky kids
got so much equipment upstairs,
that i'd suggest hiring them
to guard any future secret lairs.
The hotel room was filled
with amps and instruments galore,
somehow an entire drum kit
wound up on the 15th floor.
With the sun shining in
on our comfy, cushioned bench,
we let them tuck in,
as we prepared for the rest.
From this couch to our real one,
a closed apartment to being bathed in light,
a wonderful band to work with,
and a session that was a delight.
So check out their snippet,
from Texas with love,
as Loyal Divide
plays you down from above:



Loyal Divide - "Vision Vision (Big Ugly Yellow Couch live at SXSW)"



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How sweet!!!!!!!!!!!

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