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Couch Session: Cadillac Sky

Couch Session #18 - Cadillac Sky

the neighbors must think we're crazy after this one, i'll bet,
but even if it gets us evicted, whatever, no sweat.
squished on the couch, bending instruments every which way,
i'd throw my things in boxes over how loud and good their session was that day.
the boys are truly seamless, giggling and hamming it up in each tune,
so instrumentally stunning even their warm ups made us swoon.
if i bled one thing it'd be bluegrass, and, well, a bit of blood too,
since like most bands i love, these guys are genuine and true.
i'd seriously have them over each day if i could,
playing diddies as i brush my teeth, pack a lunch, make baked goods.
and for the chocolate chip cookies we had, i bet they'd be down,
if only they lived in our silly Brooklyn town.
Even with their upright electric bass going in and out,
the cohesiveness between the group is what it's really about
as they said themselves, bass or no bass, you're still paid the same,
and a one shot take is tough when your equipment's to blame.
but even still, there's no real need for dismay,
since the wailing between our walls was a stunning display
i find this one fascinating, and  i hope you do too.
Cadillac Sky, a band we hope you come to pursue.


Cadillac Sky - "Pitiful Waltz (Big Ugly Yellow Couch Session)"

Cadillac Sky - "Bathsheeba (Big Ugly Yellow Couch Session)"

Cadillac Sky - "Hangman (Big Ugly Yellow Couch Session)"



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