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Couch Session: Dawes

Couch Session #16 - Dawes

Take me out of the city, to an open dirt road,
room to spread out, and time to just roam.
With car windows wide open and breeze pouring through,
the perfect backdrop for Dawes to be played to.
But here in that city, with roads covered in dirt and debris,
cars uniformly yellow taking you where you should be,
people crammed together in metal boxes on rails across town,
looking up if you're a visitor, lost in a daze if you look down.
These songs will surely take you out of that day-to-day drain,
An auditory break from a routine's strain.
Perhaps that's why they've created music that's consistent no matter where they are,
whether on a yellow couch, somewhere near or somewhere far.
The gut of their songs are the vocals, matched with lyrics poetic,
the gentle strum of a guitar rounding out their gorgeous aesthetic.
It doesn't sound all too different when played live in our home,
as their recordings capture what's inherently their own.
Whether it's on that road, driving back to your hometown,
or walking through a sea of buildings that architecturally astound,
go ahead and give Dawes a listen or three,
you'll likely find it fantastic — take it from me:


Dawes - "Take Me Out Of The City (Big Ugly Yellow Couch Session)"

Dawes - "Love Is All I Am (Big Ugly Yellow Couch Session)"

Dawes - "How Far We've Come (Big Ugly Yellow Couch Session)"


Dawes on MySpace


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    big ugly yellow couch. - Home - Couch Session: Dawes
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    big ugly yellow couch. - Home - Couch Session: Dawes
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    big ugly yellow couch. - Home - Couch Session: Dawes

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