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SESSION #42 - Yellow Ostrich

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Couch Session: Yellow Ostrich


Couch Session #27: Yellow Ostrich

We had no idea how these songs would sound,
In a setting like ours, almost fully stripped down.
But we were stunned when we heard it all start to form,
The djembe filling the gaps, shaken seeds used to perform.
Alex's voice is intoxicating, and was in our heads all night,
Wandering the streets humming the word "whale", giving young children fright.
It was like Halloween, but with sea creatures! And good music, too,
So great that Donald turned the volume up while editing them through.
If there's one thing that stuck with me, it's how much D and I ate,
So much lasagna, too much lasagna, god damn lasagna! So great.
But besides making two pans and a week's worth of cheesy pasta goo,
The other highlight of the afternoon was "Daughter", a new song's debut.
Besides the new ditty, "Mary" just can't be beat,
A stunningly poetic take on a lovelorn defeat.
And after a few long trips out of town, sessions far from my mind,
Eating turkey and watching TV and just biding my time,
Returning to a song like that, like these, like each one that he sings,
Reminded me of exactly why we love doing these sorts of things.
So if you haven't heard Yellow Ostrich, or know just what's in store,
Let this silly Big Ugly bird's tunes begin to soar:


Yellow Ostrich - "WHALE (Big Ugly Yellow Couch Session)"

Yellow Ostrich - "Daughter (Big Ugly Yellow Couch Session)"

Yellow Ostrich - "Mary (Big Ugly Yellow Couch Session)"



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Reader Comments (3)

I love the choice of bands y'all pick to preform!! This is one of my favorite blogs ever! Keep up the greatness :)

December 9, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDev <3

Hey guys, if you want to grab a copy of the vinyl and maybe a t-shirt, poster or a canvas with the lyrics of one of the songs, then head to :

Only 8 days until the project ends, and if it’s not funded, then nobody gets anythings.
Support this kid if like his music, and pass the word!

December 28, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterNexty

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