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Couch Session: Santah


Couch Session #24: Santah

We were there before the "h", before a few members, before the sis,
There before they gave most of our girlfriends a little kiss.
We've listened for years, from song to song to song,
with a cluster of pals beside the stage, bopping along.
We've seen them live a thousand times, from Canopy Club to our own couch,
But only recently have we seen what they're really, truly all about.
Their new songs are brilliant, played on constant repeat in our place,
As they've evolved into a band with beloved harmonies and tremendous grace.
These are some of our real friends, ones that we just downright love,
the ones we've gone camping with, staring at the dark sky above,
Sitting lazily on years' worth of porches, waiting for someone to finish a smoke,
the pals we tucked into dark corners at parties with to whisper a joke.
The people in the world we like most have either been on that stage,
or out in the audience, cheering along like it's a parade.
Our truest friends have some sort of connection with this group,
And when we had the opportunity to shoot them, we gathered the troupe.
So when they sing "Neighbors and Cousins", do know that it's true,
that they're really, truly singing directly to you.
We'll stop with the rhyming so you can finally see,
how much we adore this band, and what Santah means to…we.:




Santah - "Teeth (Big Ugly Yellow Couch session)"

Santah - "Neighbors & Cousins (Big Ugly Yellow Couch session)"

Santah - "When I Couldn't Move (Big Ugly Yellow Couch session)"






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